Our Aim

Ruuude! & Ruuuthless! is a unique cutting edge fashion brand creating exclusive designs inspired by expression of the self which began back in 2007. Unity and independence amongst males and females are the roots of our philosophy.Our aim is to take you on a journey which is visually stimulating, fulfilling and thought provoking without compromise.

Our Ethos

When you first viewed the words ‘Ruuude! & Ruuuthless!’ ….what sprang to mind? The chances are you formed an opinion, or opinions based upon your own perception of what you thought you were seeing. We may not admit it, but most of us are guilty of ‘judging a book by its cover’ and we form, in many cases, an instant contrasting opinion of what ‘the book’ is all about! In a world where communication with one another is sadly regressing (in our opinion!), perceptions seem to be used more and more to our detriment with our true selves being undiscovered and unexpressed most of the time. R! represents the two elements of our brand ‘Ruuude!’ (feminine) & ‘Ruuuthless!’ (masculine)…

We all have the gift and the ability to express the R! within us, however only a small fraction of us are actually aware of our true inner R!… Are you aware of the R! in you?! Ruuude! & Ruuuthless! is no ordinary brand… it represents a positive mindset, a unified vision and a belief that each and every one of us can embrace… Communication is more than a two way thing… As with the old cliché ‘you must love yourself first before others can love with you‘.Therefore we also need to have the ability to be able to communicate with ourselves, to be able to understand who we really are as individuals, and realise what it is we really want… before others can communicate with us on a level whereby they too understand who you are, and respect and admire you… for who YOU ARE! R! U Ruuude?! R! U Ruuuthless?! What does this mean to you? Do you understand who you are and what it is you want in life?… Do you feel that you express yourself with a true reflection of who you really R! ?… Do you embrace who you are and utilize your qualities to get what you want/where you want in life? Do you throw away your fears and stand up for what you believe ? Do you conquer your confusions and follow your dreams? Do you know your own capabilities and do you utilise them to the best of your ability? The most attractive thing that a person can wear is confidence… R! U wearing your confidence with pride? R! U ready to realise that the world really is your oyster? R! U ready to awaken the fire inside you and follow your dreams? Are you ready to Be Ruuude! Be Ruuuthless! and BE WHO YOU ARE??